Want to know one of the best-kept “secrets” of the elite influencer physiques?

It’s not two-a-day workouts, eating disorders, or designer steroids.

It’s creatine. 

That’s right, good old creatine monohydrate.

Just kidding. 

It’s two-a-day workouts, eating disorders, and designer steroids.

And it’s mostly just designer steroids.

But there’s a reason some of these toads pretend that creatine is their “one weird trick” for bigger biceps, bouncier booties, and beautiful abs:

It works.

Not as well as vitamin S, of course, but it also won’t swell your prostate to the size of a cantaloupe or put hair on all the wrong places of your body.

(And no, it won’t make you lose your hair, either.)

In fact, creatine is the most studied molecule in all of sports nutrition, and hundreds of studies confirm that it can safely:

  • Boost muscle and strength gains and improve muscular endurance
  • Reduce muscle damage and soreness from exercise, helping you recover faster
  • Preserve lean mass and strength while restricting calories during a cut

And there’s even new research suggesting that creatine supports brain health and cognition as well.

That’s why experts are starting to think of creatine less of a “fitness supplement for meatheads” and more of a “must-have supplement for everyone,” like vitamin D, vitamin K, and omega-3 fatty acids.

And that’s also why I just (and finally) released a micronized creatine monohydrate supplement:

Will it help you pack on brain-shrinking amounts of muscle in 30 days flat? 


Will it add another plate or two to the bar? 

Absolutely not.

But will creatine help you train harder, recover better, and gain muscle and strength faster? 

And without any of the unwanted side effects associated with other performance enhancing compounds?

Yes. Or your money back.

Get yours here: