Cherry Pie Granola Butter with Oat Haus

SURPRISE! We’ve been dropping little hints about this new partnership over the past few weeks and I’m SO excited to share the launch of my own Oat Haus granola butter flavor: Cherry Pie Granola Butter! Doesn’t it just scream nostalgia? Read all about our cherry pie journey below, and stock up on this amazing new flavor here!

Oat Haus: behind the brand

Ali Bonar, the founder of Oat Haus, created the brand after studying nutrition at UC Berkeley. The “nutritional ‘information overload’,” as she calls it, ultimately contributed to her developing an eating disorder from the pressure to eat clean all the time. Much like the origins of Ambitious Kitchen, Oat Haus was born from her “retraining” herself to have fun with and bring joy back into food. Ali found that she couldn’t tolerate nuts as much as she used to but still wanted to enjoy nut butter, so she created the world’s first spread made out of oats — granola butter! Think of granola blended up into a spreadable, delicious and nutritious creamy oat-based ‘butter’!

  • When were you first introduced to Oat Haus?
    • I followed Ali for years on Instagram when she first created her brand (originally called Kween & Co.) and eventually rebranded to Oat Haus a few years ago! It has been such a joy to follow her entrepreneurship journey into CPG. I loved the product from the moment I tried it, and now they offer several different flavors including some of my favorites: Cookie Dough, Cookies and Cream, and of course, now my Cherry Pie flavor!
  • Becoming an investor
    • I became an investor about 1.5 years ago right before Oat Haus launch in Target. My husband, Tony and I both loved their product and wanted to be able to invest our own money into something we really believed in and wanted to see succeed. It’s been surreal to see the brand launch in so many retailers such as Target, Whole Foods, and now Publix! The growth has been exponential and I can’t wait to see what Oat Haus and the team does next.

hands holding four jars of Cherry Pie Granola Butter

What is granola butter?

Think of your favorite nut butter that just so happens to be completely nut free, soy free, gluten-free, vegan, AND dairy-free. Oat Haus granola butter is made from a gluten-free oat base and comes in tons of delicious flavors like birthday cake, banana bread, cinnamon roll, cookies & cream, and more!

Monique Volz of Ambitious Kitchen holding a jar of Cherry Pie Granola Butter while sitting on a checkered blanket

Introducing Cherry Pie Granola Butter

I was SO thrilled when Ali and I connected to create a brand new granola butter flavor for our communities. After years of trying their incredible flavor combinations, I wanted to create a flavor that was true to Ambitious Kitchen and perfect for celebrating during the summer months. Remember my Tart Cherry Pie? The recipe that The Kitchn deemed the BEST cherry pie recipe on the internet? Well, this cherry pie granola butter flavor is an ode to my famous recipe.

I knew I wanted the granola butter to be packed with bright, tart cherry flavor and have delicious bits of dried cherries in every single spoonful. I met virtually with the Oat Haus team and worked with their co-founder, Ari, who is the mastermind behind the granola butter recipe creation process. We went through a couple of iterations of cherry pie to really nail that true cherry flavor and get the right creamy texture.

The final product was absolutely LOVE AT FIRST TASTE. I literally could not stop sampling spoonfuls out of the jar, and my boys were obsessed. We ended up adding mini white chocolate chips to the final recipe because to me (and my kiddos) there’s nothing better than cherry pie with a little vanilla ice cream on top. SO GOOD.

hand placing a cherry on top of a piece of cherry pie on top of a jar of Cherry Pie Granola Butter

Ways to enjoy Cherry Pie Granola Butter

Grab the delicious cherry pie granola butter here and enjoy any way you would enjoy a regular nut butter! Here are some suggestions:

  • drizzled onto vanilla greek yogurt or ice cream
  • sandwiched between two pretzels, and dunked or drizzled with dark chocolate if you’d like
  • straight out of the jar, of course!
  • spread on top of a banana or served with apple slices for dipping
  • on top of waffles or pancakes

Monique Volz of Ambitious Kitchen in a factory with boxes of Cherry Pie Granola Butter

The AK Team heads to Cleveland

Once we nailed down the flavor, it was time to head to the Oat Haus HQ in Cleveland, Ohio to meet the team and shoot some really fun content! The AK social media manager, Addie, and I flew over a few weeks ago and had so much fun with the cherry pie photoshoots.

We learned about the granola butter making process, their facility and made some fun IRL connections!

Order your jars today!

I truly cannot wait for you all to try this delicious granola butter flavor. Click here to shop Cherry Pie and get ready to dip & drizzle it on everything!


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