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Are you tired of cycling through the same chicken recipes over and over? This lean, high-protein choice is easy to prepare, versatile, and healthy. We have rounded up our family’s favorite chicken breast recipes. They are great for busy weeknights, meal prep, leftovers, holidays, and more.

These have all been tested and loved by our family and friends. Check out these easy, healthy, and delicious chicken breast recipes!

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This homemade baked stuffed chicken is a delicious and versatile dish that can be made with a variety of fillings! It is hearty, savory, and incredibly flavorful. This is such a great way to make chicken breast even more tender and tasty.

Our Chicken Fajita Bowls burst with juicy, tender chicken, vibrant peppers and onions, and fluffy cauliflower rice! Dive in and customize with fresh pico, creamy guac, and zesty salsa. These bowls are customizable and great for the whole family! This is one of our favorite chicken breast recipes.

These air fryer chicken breasts are juicy, tender, and so flavorful! This foolproof method produces the perfect chicken breast every time. No need to turn on the oven or the grill. These air fried breasts are great for meal prep, leftovers, and a quick easy dinner! When it comes to chicken breast recipes, this is one of the quickest and easiest.

Chicken korma is a rich and creamy Indian curry made with chicken, yogurt, spices, and nuts. It is characterized by its mild flavor and velvety creamy texture. Chicken korma is a popular dish in India and is often served with rice or naan bread!

This coconut curry chicken is hearty, creamy, and incredibly flavorful! This one skillet meal has warm and spicy flavors. Everything simmers away until the chicken is melt in your mouth tender. The leftovers are even better the next day!

Teriyaki chicken stir fry is a quick and easy dish perfect for a weeknight meal. It is made with chicken, vegetables, and a flavorful sauce. It tastes like takeout, but it is made with wholesome ingredients. Great for the whole family! When it comes to chicken breast recipes, we love that this tastes like takeout.

This Chinese inspired chicken and broccoli features tender meat and a flavorful sauce! It tastes like your favorite takeout dish, but this recipe is made with better-for-you ingredients. 

This peanut butter chicken is sweet and savory! It tastes like your favorite takeout, but it is much healthier. The tender chicken, fresh veggies, and flavorful sauce combine for a tasty dinner. Serve with brown rice, rice noodles, or by itself.

This homemade chicken fettuccine alfredo is hearty, creamy, and so flavorful! It tastes like a classic Italian dish. Great for family dinners, holidays, meal prep, and leftovers. Both kids and adults love this homemade recipe, making it one of the best chicken breast recipes!

This Parmesan crusted chicken features a crispy breading and tender white meat! It is quick, easy, and great for busy weeknights or hosting family and friends. This versatile dish can be served with spaghetti, salads, roasted veggies, and more!

This one-pot chicken and rice is the ultimate weeknight family dinner! This recipe uses pantry staple ingredients that you probably already have in your kitchen. Add your favorite veggies or sauce for a completely customizable meal. 

These homemade chicken fajitas are such a flavorful meal! This quick and easy recipe takes only 25 minutes from start to finish. This classic Mexican inspired recipe is great for the whole family. Everything comes together quickly and easily in one skillet!

This Blackened Chicken recipe is full of bold flavor! This simple seasoning blend is the easiest and quickest way to elevate chicken. It instantly adds a pop of flavor. This blackened chicken is great by itself, on top of salads, in tacos and burritos, in sandwiches, and more. When it comes to meal prep, this is one of the easiest chicken breast recipes.

This homemade gluten free orange chicken has tender meat and a sticky sauce! It tastes like takeout but this version is healthier. Great for busy weeknights, family dinners, holidays, meal prep, and more!

Tuscan chicken is a classic Italian dish made with chicken, spinach, sun-dried tomatoes, and a creamy Parmesan sauce! It is a comforting and satisfying meal that is perfect for a weeknight dinner or a special occasion.

This chicken broccoli alfredo is a classic recipe! It is creamy, cheesy, flavorful, and hearty. This dish takes just 30 minutes to make. Great for busy weeknights!

Mar Far chicken.

This homemade Mar Far chicken is crispy, hearty, and flavorful! The fried chicken cubes feature a crunchy breading and tender meat. The homemade chicken gravy is smooth and creamy. Check out our Famous Gravy recipe!

This white bean chili is incredibly comforting, warm, hearty, and filling! This recipe is great for meal prep and leftovers. The flavors are savory and cozy. This chili recipe is loaded with flavor!

This Cajun chicken pasta is creamy, spicy, and so flavorful! This one skillet recipe is great for the whole family. Make it on busy weeknights or on slow weekends. It takes only 25 minutes in total.

This chicken marinade instantly adds so much flavor to chicken! It also helps to tenderize chicken. The chicken comes out so tasty, juicy and delicious. Great for chicken breasts, thighs, drumsticks, and even other meats and veggies! For family friendly chicken breast recipes, this is so quick and easy!

This homemade chicken fried rice is hearty, savory, and tastes just like takeout! This classic Asian inspired dinner is great for the whole family. The chicken comes out tender and juicy. This is a great way to add more veggies to your diet.  Check out our Wild Fried Rice too!

These homemade Mexican Rice Bowls are the perfect DIY weeknight dinner that everyone can assemble to their liking. They can even be a tasty vegetarian dish if you leave out the chicken.

This Chicken Tikka Masala recipe made in the slow cooker is as close as I can get to the delicious meal I had at an authentic Indian restaurant here in Charlotte. The sauce is so good served over brown rice for an easy, delicious dinner.

Spicy chicken, marinated to perfection, fills a warm pita bread. Creamy garlic sauce adds a cool, garlicky touch. This Chicken Shawarma Sandwich is a simple but flavorful lunch or dinner.

This Chicken and Veggie Teriyaki Skillet will have you passing up the store-bought teriyaki sauce for good! It’s the perfect weeknight one-pot dinner for the whole family. When cooking chicken breast recipes, we love a one pan meal!

Creamy Coconut Lime Chicken is a one-pot wonder. Tender chicken simmers in a vibrant sauce of creamy coconut and zesty lime, all ready in 30 minutes.

Short on time, big on flavor? Grill up this Yogurt Marinated Chicken! Yogurt tenderizes chicken breasts for a juicy bite, ready in minutes. Stuff it in a whole-wheat pita for a healthy, delicious meal.

Asian Balsamic Sheet Pan Chicken and Veggies is a fuss-free meal. Just toss chicken, veggies, and a flavorful sauce together, bake, and enjoy a hearty dinner.

Summer on a pan! Chicken and colorful veggies roast together for a healthy, easy meal. Toss, bake, and enjoy! Customize with your favorite summer flavors.

This Chicken and Wild Mushroom Skillet was fabulous paired with creamy polenta. Just add a simple green salad on the side, and your healthy dinner is done!

Easy Thai Chicken and Rice is your ticket to flavor town. Juicy chicken and rice simmer in a fragrant coconut broth for a taste of Thailand, ready in no time.

These Pesto Chicken Grill Packets are great to take along on a picnic or camping. They can also be cooked on a regular gas grill or in the oven.

This Breadcrumb Roasted Chicken dish is fabulous right out of the oven, but it’s also pretty tasty leftover on salad greens or over pasta with cream sauce.

This sheet pan dinner combines juicy chicken with crispy Brussels sprouts and savory bacon. Easy prep, big flavors – perfect for a weeknight win!

A super easy and healthy chicken piccata recipe the whole family will enjoy. Plan on doubling the sauce if you’ll serve it over rice or pasta!

Chicken breasts don’t have to be the same old boring meal option. With these versatile recipes, you can easily whip up something that is not only delicious but will also impress anyone sitting at your dinner table.

So say goodbye to dry, bland chicken and hello to these juicy, flavor-packed chicken breast recipes. Go ahead and get cooking!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the best way to cook chicken breast without drying it out?

The best way to cook chicken breast without drying it out is to use high heat for a short time. You can grill, bake, or sauté it. Just make sure not to overcook it, and use a meat thermometer to check that it’s done. Also, try marinating the chicken beforehand to keep it juicy and flavorful.

What is the secret to juicy chicken breast?

The secret to juicy chicken breast is not to overcook it. Cook it until it’s just done, not too long. Also, you can try brining or marinating the chicken before cooking to keep it moist and tasty.

What cooking method is best for cooking chicken breast?

Grilling or baking chicken breast is often considered the best cooking method. These methods help seal in juices and keep the chicken moist. You can also try sautéing or poaching for tasty results.

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This roundup of our favorite chicken breast recipes is great for your whole family. We have been making family friendly chicken dinners for years and years. We hope you love these chicken recipes as much as we do!


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