Healthy Restaurants in Newcastle, Australia: Dietitian-Edition

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Welcome to Where a Dietitian Eats Out, a series that showcases practical examples of how nutrition experts navigate food choices and real-world dining scenarios around the globe. Learn tips on making healthier choices at restaurants and maintaining a balanced diet while dining out. Because enjoying food is important to developing a healthy and sustainable way of eating.

Michaela Sparrow is a clinical nutritionist, naturopath, and anti-aging practitioner from Newcastle, New South Wales, Australia. Planning what she eats is her main key to eating out, but even when she plans a “cheat” meal, Michaela still looks for menus that feature nutritious choices. 

“I like to know what my options are beforehand, so I don’t get overwhelmed or tempted by the unhealthier options,” she shares. “I want to know if they either serve a good steak, or some type of healthy seafood dish.”

Planning a meal out beforehand not only helps Michaela satisfy her taste buds, but also her nutrition goals. “Then I can also plan if I want to get some sides, like a bowl of veggies or salad to increase the nutritional value.” 

To prepare for dining out, Sparrow also eats strategically ahead of time by reaching for high-protein snacks.

“I try to have one in the afternoon before I go out, so I’m not starving beforehand, and I don’t overeat,” Michaela says. 

Take a look at some of Michaela’s favorite healthy restaurants in Newcastle, New South Wales below.  

Michaela Sparrow’s Favorite Healthy Restaurants in Newcastle, Australia

1. The Grateful Thai 

30 Pearson St, Charlestown NSW, 2290, Australia

Type of food: Thai

Why she loves it: “I love it because it is fresh, delicious, not too heavy and has many super healthy guilt free options to choose from. It’s my favorite “I can’t be bothered to cook, but want to be healthy” place to order from.”

Go-to orders:  “Chilli & Basil Stir Fry with Beef, or the Green Chicken Curry.”

2. Chophouse Grill 

88 Hobart Road, New Lambton, 2305, NSW

Type of food: Steak and barbeque

Why she loves it: “I love it because I can get simple high quality protein- rich meals that are low carb and they have a great variety of healthy vegetable side dishes. The steak is always cooked to perfection and service is quick.”

Go-to orders: “Either Rump or Sirloin Steak – cooked medium well and the green beans and gem salad on the side.”

3. Lock’s Paddock

16 Watt St, Newcastle East, NSW

Type of food: Fusion Italian

Why she loves it: “This is our go-to restaurant for our gourmet cheat meals. They have the best pastas & wines. The food is high super high quality, the cocktails are amazing, and the service is spectacular. Even though the food is rich, I never ever feel guilty after indulging here.”

Go-to orders: “Tasmanian black mussels (seriously one of the best meals I have ever eaten), Cacio De pepe (who doesn’t love their pasta made in a giant cheese wheel?) and the hand rolled gnocchi.”

4. The Kingfish

Unit 19/15-17 Honeysuckle Drive, Honeysuckle, NSW

Type of food: Seafood

Why she loves it: “The Kingfish serves some of the best seafood in Newcastle. I love it because they have a good mix of healthier options and more indulgent options. It has a casual vibe and the service is quick. They are also very consistent with their quality.”

Go-to orders: “Scallops (cooked in the most divine butter/garlic sauce), Fresh Rock Oysters, or Citrus Cured Kingfish Ceviche.”

5. 8 at Trinity

81 Trinity Point, Morriset Park, NSW

Type of food: Modern Australian/Seafood

Why she loves it: “This is one of our fancy choices we go to when we are feeling bougie, and for family celebrations. It’s seriously some of the best food we have ever had. It’s actually quite easy to eat very healthily here (although very easy to eat a lot), or to be a bit more decadent.”

Go-to orders: “Seafood Bouillabaisse (It is like a hug from the inside), Sirloin Steak, Singapore Chilli Style Prawns, or the Seafood Platter.”

Learn more about Michaela Sparrow on her website or follow her on Instagram.


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