Mobility and Self Care

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This full body self care and mobility class will help you work on the range of motion in many key joints in your body, while also improving your flexibility. Better joint health means better muscle health and better movement – which means better workout results!

I know it’s easy to put off classes like this in favor of the ones we think are going to “give us the results” (the resistance training, the HIIT training, etc), but it’s the things we do around those workouts that makes them the most effective.

Not to mention, we’re habitually in postures throughout the day that can overuse key muscles and weaken their opposites. Self care pieces like we’re doing today will help you relax muscles that can cause pain and tension in your neck and back from chronic sitting.

As we age, we lose collagen and elastin which help provide flexibility and fluidity in our joints and muscles. A proactive self care practice around your workouts can help improve your workout results and keep you safe and injury free.

So do those quick warmups, the cool down stretches, and in my Rock Your Life Challenge programs you’ll always find self care classes like yoga or mobility drills built right in each week.

Now join me and lets get into it!

If you’re looking for a workout plan that incorporates yoga and mobility along with strength training and cardio, check out ANY of my 60+ challenges in Rock Your Life!

All of my challenges contain custom tracks for women in different life stages and training and nutrition guidance for you to fine tune your training – whether you’re in your cycling years, in perimenopause or post menopause! 

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Mobility and Self Care

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Nice to have equipment: low elevation like a book or stair, elevated surface like an ottoman or bench; something to hold onto beside you as needed.

We’ll be going through the sequence below, so follow along with the video for all of my instructions and form cues.

  • Neck mobility
  • Spine and back mobility
  • Back and hip mobility
  • Neck mobility
  • Neutral spine activation
  • Rotator cuff mobility
  • Activation trinity
  • Lower back and hip mobility
  • Upper back and wrist mobility
  • Finger and forearm stretches
  • Rotator cuff opener
  • Knee and ankle mobility
  • Back, shoulder and hip mobility
  • Ankle mobility
  • Hip flexor and ankle mobility
  • Hip mobility
  • Daily posture and training tips

Great job Rockstar! I’m so proud of you for being here and taking time to tune in to your body today.

Be sure to check in below let me know how you liked this class and what sequence was your favorite!

Speaking of joint health and dropping levels of collagen, if you’re going to use a collagen supplement be sure you’re getting a hydrolyzed collagen powder. That’s the kind that your body can most easily absorb and utilize to support your bone, skin and joint health.

Simply adding in a serving of collagen daily can be a great way to help maintain optimal collagen levels and a healthy appearance. Add it to hot or cold drinks, smoothies, sauces or any of your favorite recipes.… your body will thank you!

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