Nike Partners With MLB’s Alyssa Nakken for Maternity Apparel

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The female anatomy is the epitome of resilience—especially when it comes to motherhood. Through all of the changes before, during, and after pregnancy, the body adapts to creating and caring for new life.

On top of that, those involved in sports balance tough training schedules and workouts with mom duties. You could say motherhood is the ultimate endurance sport. 

Just ask real-life Wonder Woman, Alyssa Nakken, the MLB’s first female—and pregnant—coach. Nakken is breaking glass ceilings while in the dugout for the San Francisco Giants and proving that it’s still possible to thrive professionally pre and postpartum while doing this around-the-clock job as a mom. 

“Being a professional baseball coach is a lot…we play 162 games a year, and if you make the playoffs you go beyond that,” Nakken says. 

Throughout her pregnancy journey, Nakken didn’t miss a beat with coaching, which called for maternity wear that could keep up with a baby and major league baseball. 

“It was so nice to have products that transformed with my body as my body was changing throughout pregnancy and motherhood,” Nakken says. 

Nakken partnered with Nike for their maternity collection expansion, which offers new products for those who are pregnant. Among many highlights, the new Nike (M) Swoosh Bra: a wearable pump-compatible sports bra that provides nursing support and leak protection for breastfeeding. 

“The Swoosh Bra has been incredible because it’s versatile and helps me nurse and I can pump around the clock,” Nakken says.

And when she says around the clock, she really means it. Her coaching duties are no joke, with baseball games lasting upward of three hours—but that doesn’t stop her from pumping. 

“My child needs to eat every three hours, so there have been multiple games where I’ve been pumping in the dugout. And I’ve never questioned if I should or not because the bra is so supportive that I know my parts won’t fall out,” she says. 

Shop Alyssa Nakken’s top Nike maternity product picks:

1. Nike (M) Swoosh Sports Bra — $80.00

Nike’s new wearable pump–compatible sports bra features wearable pump compatibility, nursing support, rib and cup adjustability, and leak protection.

Say goodbye to any leakage thanks to a special moisture-managing material that helps prevent visible breast milk leaks, made to provide the flexibility moms need.

And as your body changes, the bra will, too. It features adjustable cup capacity, with a flexible and adjustable bottom band that expands with changing bellies.

The bra’s padded foam straps can alleviate pressure points, while mesh layers provide ventilation and stay-put wearable breast pump support—even during exercise.

  • Incognito nursing capability
  • Adjustable
  • Medium support
  • Inclusive sizing

2. Nike Reina EasyOn — $140.00

As bodies change during and after pregnancy, that includes your feet. The EasyOn Shoe is Nike’s first shoe created with moms in mind first and foremost—designed by insights from expecting and postpartum mothers.

It’s supportive, stable, comfortable, and simple to put on, meant for low-impact movement like walking and everyday wear.

Bonus: You can also adjust the shoe’s width to accommodate foot swelling during and after pregnancy.

  • Easy slip-on design
  • Adjustable for swelling feet
  • Supportive and stable
  • Not suitable for high-intensity/high- impact exercise

3. Convertible Diaper Bag — $152.00

A mom on-the-go needs a diaper bag she can count on. The Nike (M) Diaper Bag is a versatile accessory that’s ready when you are.

With multiple pockets for storage, an easy-to-clean inner material, and an insulated pouch for snacks (or bottles), this bag is a must for every family outing and adventure.

  • Plenty of storage
  • Easy-to-clean inside surface
  • Insulated pouches

Our editors independently select these products. Making a purchase through our links may earn Well+Good a commission.


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