Strong Body Power Blast

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Today I have an amazing workout to strengthen your entire body!

This workout will work your body from head to toe, and combines resistance training with explosive cardio to maximize your time and effort.

Focusing on our muscular strength is really useful for a few different reasons. The more muscle we carry, the better our metabolism works, and we become more efficient fat burners. We also enjoy more strength and capability, healthier joints, and increased bone density.

Regular, consistent exercise – not constant exercise – is what will keep your energy levels up and increase your muscular strength. We need to recover mindfully after we train so the tissue can repair, and that includes fueling and resting appropriately for our needs.

My needs as a 47-year old woman in perimenopause are different than my needs at 37 (still cycling regularly), or what they will be at 57 (post menopause). This is the stage of my life where I’m prioritizing my protein intake, and not going 5-6 days a week of intense workouts day after day like I did 10 years ago with no problem.

I’m resistance training in a way that challenges me about 3, max 4 days a week now with optimal recovery around my sessions (and doing more yoga). My body feels and looks great. I recommend reading my perimenopause training guide if this is of interest to you, and reading the life stages training guide for all my tips for women at different life stages.

I’m committed to supporting women in all the life stages with their fitness and health! That’s why in my online workout studio, Rock Your Life, the challenge programs have different tracks and schedules, customized for the best results whether you’re still in your cycling years, in perimenopause, or post menopause!

Now let’s get right to it and build strength together!

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Strong Body Power Blast

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Equipment: weighted objects, elevated surface
Format: Perform supersets for 3 rounds for suggested time/reps..

Superset 1:

Hip Thrust Pause (8-12)

  • Sit yourself on the mat in front of your bench (or couch/chair/ottoman) and place a weighted object on your hip creases.
  • Press yourself up with your elbows and feet to position your back against the elevated surface; the edge of the surface should be at the base of your shoulder blades. Your knees should be aligned over your ankles, with your feet planted on the mat.
  • Brace your core and drive through your heels to lift your hips and weighted objects towards the ceiling, knees tracking in line with the toes, squeezing your glutes and pausing at the top.
  • Drop your hips back down toward the mat with control and repeat for your max reps.
  • MOD: Perform this exercise without weighted objects.

KANG Squat (8-12)

  • Begin by standing with your feet hip-width distance, holding a weighted object in each hand, your core braced and shoulders back and down (as if they were against a wall).
  • Bend your knees in line with your toes, sending your hips back to come into a squat.
  • Drive through the heels to straighten your legs, maintaining a flat back and hinge in the hips, as you touch the weighted objects to your shins with your palms facing your body.
  • Squeezing the glutes with a braced core, drive through the heels to come back up to standing.
  • Repeat sequence for max rep range.

Warrior Burpees (0:45)

  • Start in a standing position with your feet wider than hip distance apart.
  • Bend your knees and plant your hands on the floor or mat in front of you (hands stacked directly below shoulders) and jump or step your feet back into a tall plank position, maintaining a flat back and braced core.
  • Draw your right knee toward your left shoulder, then your left knee to your right shoulder in a cross-body mountain climber motion.
  • Jump or step your feet back in to meet your hands, loading the weight in your heels and stand.
  • Front kick one leg, then the other. Alternatively, you can replace the front kicks with knee drives.
  • Repeat for allotted time.
  • MOD: Perform this from an elevated surface or step your feet in rather than jumping.

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Superset 2:

Turkish Get-Ups (8-12 each side)

  • Lay on your back, with your right knee bent, left leg straight. Your right hand is up straight, holding a weight or weighted object. Lockout your elbow, and pull the shoulder down into its socket.
  • Use your left hand for balance – it should be out at a 45-degree angle to your body.
  • Press down through your right heel as squeeze your glutes to lift your hips up off the ground. You’ll support yourself on just the left arm, the heel of the straight left leg, and the surface of your flat right foot, like a tripod.
  • Look up at the weight as you come to a standing position. Lower back down and repeat for all reps on the right side before switching to the left.

Burpees (0:45)

  • Begin standing at the top of your mat with your core braced and chest upright.
  • Bend your knees, plant your hands on the mat, and jump your feet back into a tall plank position with shoulders stacked over wrists, braced core, back flat and neutral gaze (not looking up or down).
  • Bend your arms and lower yourself toward the mat for a push-up while keeping your shoulders away from your ears. Be mindful that your hips and torso are moving in one line.
  • Maintaining a braced core and flat back, push yourself back up to the starting position.
  • Jump your feet back up to your hands and drive through the heels to stand or jump.
  • Repeat for allotted time.
  • MOD: For low impact, remove jumps and step your feet out and in.
    Complete the push-ups with your knees on the mat or complete the entire sequence with your hands planted on an elevated surface (bench/couch/chair) instead of the mat.

You rocked that workout! I’m so glad that you are making time to take care of your body today. Be sure to check in and let me know how you’re doing today – I love hearing from you!

Krystal was so glad she joined us in Rock Your Life – especially when she looked back over her progress over 6 challenges and saw she had lost 30 pounds and gained a group of friends along the way with the resources and support she found in Rock Your Life.

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