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Sharing some of the best gadgets I tried at the Biohacking Conference, plus some things you can do at home. 

Hi friends! I hope that you’re having a wonderful week! Liv and I are getting our nails done (P is at camp) and we’ll all be swimming and hanging out today.

For today’s post, I wanted to share some of my favorite new products I tried at the Biohacking conference, plus some things you can do at home.

Gadgets I tried at the Biohacking Conference

The Tech Wonderland at the Biohacking Conference was literally a WONDERLAND. It was packed with so many amazing things, like saunas, red light, PEMF, IV infusions, coffee, food, supplements, cold plunges – basically anything you could ever want for your at-home health routine.

I was there with my friend Giselle, and we had a blast trying and doing all the things.

Here are some of my favorite things we tried:


The BallancerPRO is a state-of-the-art lymphatic drainage massage system designed to improve circulation, reduce swelling, and enhance overall body contouring. Utilizing advanced compression technology, it works by gently applying pressure to different parts of the body, promoting lymphatic flow and the removal of toxins. Regular use of BallancerPRO can lead to improved skin tone, reduced cellulite, and a boost in overall energy levels.


Cera is a high-tech wellness device focused on enhancing brain function and mental clarity. CERA is the first FDA-listed device to support the Gut-Brain Axis with photobiomodulation. It can stimulate brain activity, improve focus, and can support cognitive health. Users often experience benefits such as reduced stress, better sleep quality, and enhanced mental performance after consistent use of the Cera devices, which you can use for gut and brain wellness.

Pure Wave

Pure Wave is a VEMI (Vibroaccoustic eletromagnetic infrared) biosynchronizer bed designed to promote relaxation, reduce stress, and enhance overall well-being. By emitting electromagnetic waves that interact with the body’s cells, the Pure Wave bed helps to improve cellular health, boost mood, and support recovery. Regular sessions on the Pure Wave bed can lead to deeper meditation, better sleep, and a heightened sense of calm and balance.

Sauna Space

Sauna Space offers a range of portable, near-infrared (NIR) sauna products designed to detoxify the body, improve skin health, and boost overall well-being. These saunas use NIR light to penetrate the skin deeply, promoting cellular regeneration, reducing inflammation, and enhancing detoxification processes. Regular sessions in a Sauna Space sauna can lead to improved immune function, better sleep, and a greater sense of relaxation and vitality.


The BioCharger is a holistic health device that uses a combination of light, frequencies, voltage, and harmonics to optimize cellular health and energy levels. By exposing the body to these specific energy fields, the BioCharger helps to rejuvenate cells, enhance mental clarity, and improve physical performance. Users report benefits such as increased energy, better focus, and enhanced overall wellness, making it a valuable addition to any health and wellness routine.

We also saw many of my beloved faves there, including:


Vivobarefoot offers a range of minimalist footwear designed to promote natural foot movement and enhance overall foot health. These shoes are crafted with thin, flexible soles that provide excellent ground feedback, encouraging proper posture and balance. Wearing Vivobarefoot shoes can help strengthen the muscles in your feet, improve your posture, and reduce the risk of injury, making them an excellent choice for anyone looking to support their body’s natural biomechanics. I wear these shoes My referral link gets you 20% off!


AirDoctor is a top-tier air purification system that uses ultraHEPA filtration to remove harmful particles from the air, including allergens, bacteria, and viruses. It works by capturing particles as small as 0.003 microns, ensuring that the air you breathe is exceptionally clean. Using an AirDoctor can significantly improve indoor air quality, reduce respiratory issues, and enhance overall well-being, making it a game changer for your health. You can check out all of the AirDoctors here and my AirDoctor review here. 

Blue Light Blockers

They had an excellent selection of blue light blockers at great prices, too! I use these ones at night.

They also had PEMF mats, which I love and use everyday, but since the sessions were so long, I didn’t want to spend time doing something I already use and love. (My favorite one is here and you can use the code FITNESSISTA15)

Things you can do at home:

While all of these gadgets are fun and *nice to have*, they’re completely optional. Some of the best things you can do for your health are either very low cost, or free at home.

Some of the themes from the conference for optimal health:

– Meditate

– Daily walk and sunshine

– Cultivate positive relationships

– Sleep

– Work on stress management, through strategies that work for you

– Nutrition: eat fruits, veggies, responsibly-sourced and organic meats, healthy fats, and hydrate with purified water

– Challenge your brain through learning a new skin or hobby, and reading

– Exercise, but find the sweet spot (not too intense/frequent, not too little, include strength training)

Many speakers also emphasized the importance of functional lab testing to know which supplements are right for YOU. I love working with clients on functional labs, so if you’re interested in doing this, email me subject: TESTING

So, tell me, friends: what are your favorite health gadgets? Anything you have your eye on?

I feel like I have so many lol, but my top five are my sauna blanket, PEMF Go Mat, filtered showerhead, AirDoctor, and water filter.




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